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We offer a variety of engagements from education to software delivery. If you're not sure how best to use our services please contact us and we'll talk about your problems and figure out the best way we can be of service.

Educational services we offer are short engagements where we visit your offices for one or two days to talk with your development team. However, our consulting services last weeks to months and we have limited capacity. So there may be a waiting list for our availability.


Its like talking to a rubber duck, a wise, talking rubber duck.



We give presentations on Agile, Code Development and Code Delivery.


jump starts

Quick and dirty, we'll configure your automated testing/ci/cd



We can develop your features or entire applications.


Code craft is an art and a love, to do it well is no accident.

We've already done it


Validate your project plan by rubber ducking with experts.

Whether you are looking for a place to start or a second opinion, we are here to brain storm ideas, validate and provide guidance. We've got 20 years of experience, we've seen many things done wrong and done right. We'll help give you confidence about the right way to approach a project.

knowledge is power


Empower your in-house developers with our educational presentations.

We can provide presentations about software development using S.O.L.I.D principles, Test Driven Design, Developing applications in frameworks like Zend Framework 2, Why/How to do Continuous Integration/Delivery and other juicy subjects.

out of the quagmire

Jump Starts

Stuck with a legacy code base and not sure where to start?

Sometimes starting is the hardest part. We can help. If you are ready to start unit testing, continuous integration/delivery, or moving to AWS but you aren't sure how to to start we will bring our expertise to your aid. We can set up unit testing, feature testing, CI/CD for your applications. We can give you direction on moving your infrastructure to AWS.

guns for hire


Look no further for expert software and agile delivery.

We start by helping you define good requirements. Then we plan delivery of units of work that provide value. Next we write tests and make them pass (TDD! YAY). Finally, you get quality, working software.